Voting in SA elections a student duty

By Kim Randall

Voting in the upcoming Student Association executive elections is vital to get students’ voices heard.

On March 25 and 26 students can vote for candidates running for the positions of president, vice president, treasurer and student trustee. Voting will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Holmes Student Center, Founder’s Memorial Library, the Campus Recreation Center, DuSable Hall and Barsema Hall.

I encourage every student on campus to make voting a priority.

“These elections are very important for students to participate in because they affect them directly,” said election commissioner Susie Richard. “Voting is students’ chance to elect their next student body leaders. If you care about the decisions being made and getting your voice heard, vote.”

As students we often complain and stress over campus issues. Voicing our concerns is our right, but there’s no point if no one is listening.

Student transportation, renovations and various campus resources are paid for with student fees by the SA. This is all the more reason to vote and ensure our student leaders act on these issues.

“Students have a lot more influence than they believe,” said Mike Theodore, SA chief of staff. “The university is very receptive to what the students say. President Baker and the rest of the cabinet want to hear our opinions.”

By voting, students make sure they’re heard and they have the right people representing their needs, thoughts and opinions.

Don’t vote blindly, though. Take the time to research each candidate carefully. We have to choose the candidates who will best represent our student body.

Students can attend a debate March 15 in the Regency Room of the Holmes Student Center to hear more from the candidates personally.

The SA is here to represent all students and act as their voice. When the university makes decisions on their behalf, we need to make sure those decisions are well-represented.

“It’s more than a popularity contest,” Theodore said. “It’s about picking the best candidate for the position, who is dedicated to advocating for students and assisting in moving the university forward to the best of their ability.”

Don’t let the opportunity pass by. Learn the facts, learn about each candidate and vote to get these individuals into office. It’s their duty as students, after all.