Pass/Fail: Changes made to Late Night Ride, Convo Center hosts fewer gigs

Danny Cozzi

Pass: Changes made to Late Night Ride

Late Night Ride is reducing its service boundaries for the Homecoming weekend to give more attention to students and visitors, according to an NIU Today news release.

The most important thing this weekend is to keep our students and their visiting friends and family safe. It’s going to be a wild weekend, so we all need to be prepared for that. Remember to be safe this weekend, Huskies.

Fail: Convo Center hosts fewer gigs

When I came here as a freshman, there was always something going on at the Convocation Center.

But now, there are fewer events taking place there, according to an Oct. 9 Northern Star article.

The thing is, we don’t always need big stars coming through. We’re not Chicago or New York City. Big acts are exciting, but we don’t always need them to see great shows.