Golf coach: senior golfer ‘leads by example’

By Sam Bauman

Senior Griffin Bauman has been a steady competitor for this year’s men’s golf team, but the senior has often proven himself on the course.

“Griffin is a soft-spoken young man, but when he speaks the team listens,” said head coach Tom Porten. “He really leads by example.”

Bauman’s soft-spoken nature also travels with him onto the course as Porten sees Bauman as a calming influence on his teammates.

“Griffin never raises his voice or gets angry on the course,” Porten said. “It’s such a mature way that he plays the game. He’s helped other players manage their temper by how calm and collected he is all the time.”

Bauman has been the only golfer to start every tournament for the team, and he also holds the team’s lowest stroke per round average at 75.6 strokes a round. Bauman’s success this season has stemmed from his hard work to improve his own game with the help of his coach.

“I’ve improved every aspect of my game,” Bauman said. “When coach Porten came in my sophomore year we worked really hard on my swing. We changed a few things, and with his help I improved a lot.”

While Bauman has improved his game, he isn’t a perfect golfer. Porten realizes this, but sees a determination from Bauman when he plays.

“He’s not the most skilled, and he doesn’t have the prettiest swing, but he is a fierce competitor,” Porten said. “He won’t give an inch on the golf course, he fights for every shot. He’s been consistently the best competitor on the golf course.”

The Huskies will need Bauman’s competitive nature as they head to the MAC Championship on May 3. While Porten believes Bauman will be crucial to the team’s success, Bauman isn’t going in with that mindset.

“I don’t put any pressure on myself. I just want to go out there and make good shots. Whatever place I get, I get,” Bauman said. “It’d be awesome to play well there and place well on the leaderboard.”

Regardless of his performance in his last collegiate competition Bauman hopes that golf will be a part of his future.

“I would like to get a job at a big golf company,” Bauman said. “I would like to do something with golf because it’s been such a big part of my life.”