In Focus: What would you do on a lazy weekend?

By Perspective Staff

Most of my weekends are fairly “lazy;” however, my Fridays almost always consist of cleaning my apartment since I let it go to hell all week.

Now that finals are coming up I won’t be watching any TV, but I recently finished watching the entire series of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” on Netflix.

Soon, I would like to get back into my artful hobby of mixed CD-making.

Guiltily, sometimes I do literally nothing during the weekend and have no idea where the time went or how so many hours have passed with so little happening.

Then again, the point of a “lazy weekend” is to do nothing.

-Hayley Devitt


A lazy weekend for me requires a lot of effort. My weekends are already pretty lazy, considering I sleep until at least noon and don’t really get productive until much later in the day.

But I celebrate my laziest weekends best by lying in bed all day, queuing a show on Netflix and curling up under a blanket of my own worthlessness.

My favorite part comes around the early evening when I realize I haven’t eaten all day. I’d like to thank Vinny’s Pizza for all the times they’ve kept me from starving to death.

Yeah, things get out of hand.

-Danny Cozzi


At last, a full day dedicated to doing absolutely nothing productive.

Once in a while, usually a Friday or Saturday, I like to push all my mental list of “things to do” to the back of my mind. On these glorious days, Anastasia–my roommate and lifelong friend–and I will go take a drive into town and find some thrifty bargains. After a hard day of thrifting, we like to feast on DeKalb’s finest delivery pizza and watch some bad television from our beds. These days are my favorite; there is nothing like taking a day off with your best friend.

-Annastazia Camarena


On a lazy weekend I like to dedicate my time to my family. Often my wife and I take our dog Buzz to the dog park in St. Charles and let him run around until he’s nice and tuckered out. If the weather’s too bad for the dog park, I love sitting on the sofa and watching movies on Netflix with my wife and four-legged son. We usually watch a good horror film or some sort of action film. I love leaving all my worries about school behind. I just enjoy those days, wishing they’d last a little bit longer.

-AJ Edwards