Women’s golf headed to Indiana for tournament

By Sam Bauman

Weather conditions are once again affecting the women’s golf team.

The Huskies were originally scheduled to compete at the IPFW Women’s Spring Classic at the Pine Valley Country Club. The course was deemed unplayable due to the recent string of bad weather, so the tournament has been moved to the Brookwood Golf Club located in Fort Wayne, Ind.

The par 72 event will feature 11 teams for the Huskies to compete against.

After spending the first part of the spring golfing in the south, the Huskies have to adjust to golfing in the cold spring weather of the north. Head coach Kim Kester recognizes the impact of the weather.

“We want to get the tournament in,” Kester said. “The biggest thing is handling the conditions that we’re dealt with. Now that we’re back in the north it’s a lot chillier.”

As long as the tournament is played, NIU should be able to compete. The Huskies have had a very successful spring campaign that has featured all five starters stepping up their game.

“Each and every one of them knows that they can step up any day,” said Kester. “They have all shown over the past few tournaments that they’re all here for a reason, they came to play. From number one to number five, each one has proven that they can shoot close to par, if not under.”

The consistent play from the entire roster has been a key reason for the Huskies’ success. Every golfer has seemed to improve every week. The Huskies have been accustomed to solid play from senior Allie Parthie, but the rest of the roster has started to step up, as well. Junior Jenny Niemiec has established herself as a force on the team, especially in the past two tournaments. The improvement of the underclassmen is particularly encouraging for the Huskies. Sophomores Casey LaBarbera and Taylor Ellett have shown consistency in their game, while freshman Connie Ellett has shown she has the skills to compete at the collegiate level.

The Huskies will look to stay hot this weekend as they compete for the first time up north. As long as the Huskies execute the way they have all season, there is no reason why they can’t have another strong finish.