Northern PACT awareness week kicks off

By Brooke Shinberg

Students are coming together as a community to celebrate PACT week at NIU.

“PACT Awareness Week is an intentional time taken to remember how we as an NIU community support one another and make commitments to live in compassionate unity each day and year,” said Melanie Tucker Thompson, acting assistant vice president for Student Services.

PACT is not an acronym, and the name reflects the event itself.

“The all-caps signify the unique pact,” Thompson said. “Northern PACT Awareness Week was a developmental manifestation of community desires and needs at NIU.”

The events held as part of PACT Awareness Week are intended to bring the community together.

“PACT Awareness Week provides the campus community with multiple opportunities to demonstrate and expand upon their commitment to the PACT Principle of the year,” Thompson said.

The five principles–just, caring, open, disciplined and celebrative–are expectations for all who sign the PACT.

For celebration’s sake, Thursday will be an evening for dancing, singing and sharing talents in the Art Building.

“All people are valued and supported while they learn from the diversity of our community,” Thompson said.

Basketball games on Saturday and Sunday are a way to engage off-campus students, said Greg Herring, assistant athletic director for marketing and sales.

PACT Week will hopefully help drum up attendance for those basketball games: 200 free black shirts will be given away at games as part of the week’s activities.

“Well, I think this coming weekend is the final home games for both teams, and we would love to have a big crowd, especially for senior night,” Herring said.

Men’s basketball’s senior night is Saturday, and women’s basketball’s senior night is Sunday. Chevrolets valued at $20,000 each will be given away both nights, according to Herring. Registration at the game is required to participate in the raffle for the car.

However, the basketball games aren’t the only place where fun can be had.

“The entire week, anyone who comes in with the discipline shirt gets free shoe rental or half off pool,” said Huskies Den manager Christian Riddle. “As part of PACT week and part of discipline, that includes having fun and recreation with your neighbors and friends.”