Baseball loses four games over weekend

By Brian Earle

Baseball’s season got off to a rocky start at the Brooks Wallace Memorial Classic in Lubbock, Texas, this weekend as it lost its first four games.

The Huskies (0-4) were shut out in their game against Texas Tech, 8-0, on Friday and lost to BYU, 5-3, Saturday.

In game one of a doubleheader on Sunday, the Huskies fell to Northern Colorado, 3-2, before being shut out again by Texas Tech, 13-0, in game two.

Texas’ Red Raiders gave the Huskies the most trouble. In their first meeting, the Huskies recorded nine hits but failed to score, leaving 12 men left on base. In their second game, the Red Raiders held the Huskies to one hit on the day.

“They are a pretty good team,” said head coach Ed Mathey. “They got a lot of foot speed on the field, so their defense covers a lot of things that some other defenses might not. They got some pretty good pitchers who do a good job throwing strikes and working both sides of the plate, and that’s going to make it tough on offenses.”

Texas Tech also showed that it is a strong hitting team, recording 24 total hits and 21 total runs in the two games against the Huskies.

“Offensively, they’ve got a lot of weapons with that foot speed,” Mathey said. “They create a lot of pressure on defenses. You gotta respect the bunt, you gotta respect the hit and run, they’ll challenge you for the extra base, and they’re very disciplined hitters so they make you make good pitches to beat them.”

What the Red Raiders did in the second game to really hurt the Huskies was have really big innings. In the third inning, Texas Tech scored five runs and in the fifth inning it scored seven more.

“They kill your momentum,” Mathey said. “… And when you have a good team like Texas Tech and they get you down and they got a chance to keep scoring, they are gonna keep their foot on the throttle.”

One thing the Huskies and Mathey were pleased with from the weekend was the performance they received from their freshmen pitching.

“They did a good job for the most [part],” Mathey said. “They kept us in ballgames, they made their pitches, worked ahead, threw strikes and helped us get some outs. So they did a pretty good job.”