Superbowl party ideas for the uninterested football fan

By Sarah Contreras

Sometimes you’re just looking for any excuse to throw a party.

Super Bowl XLVII is Sunday, and the Super Bowl is a reason to throw a party, if there ever was one. The pageantry! The spectacle! The athleticism!

But what if you’re not particularly into football (or not at all into football)? No problem. The important thing is that you like people and you like to party.

Since there are few reasons to be rowdy on a Sunday, you probably have friends who would like to party as well. Below is a step-by-step guide to throwing a comfortable and awesome Super Bowl party, even if you’re more interested in the halftime show than quarterbacks and touchdowns.


Common sense will tell you that a Super Bowl party’s #1 requirement is adequate viewing technology. How are guests supposed to enjoy the adorable stars of the Puppy Bowl or Beyoncé’s incredible dance moves the game when they have to crowd to see it or strain to hear it? Bothersome! If your television is on the small side, try to elevate it so it is visible from most parts of the room. Bust out your computer speakers to ensure that the show is heard over the din of conversation.


Standing for five hours is not fun. In the name of comfort, there should be adequate seating (or floor pillows) directed towards the T.V. for those bent on actually enjoying the game. There should also be ample room for those with homework, those who want to kick back with the newest issue of Real Simple and those who want to play a board game.


Speaking of board games, you should probably have one or two options for your less enthusiastic guests. If you don’t have access to a proper board game (those things can get pricey!), then get creative: a classic game of “Who Am I?” where the players try to guess the person/character assigned to them, usually written on a card on the forehead, is entertaining and time-consuming. This will save you from bored guests asking when the food is going to be done.


A Super Bowl party doesn’t require canapes or mini cupcakes. In fact, it’s a great excuse to consume sloppy, easy food. Bags of chips, bowls of dip and hummus, bags of popcorn and chopped veggies (with oodles of ranch dip) are perfect for all-day munching. In the spirit of sports and fun food, have your main dish be something hearty. Slow cooker chili or hamburgers and French fries are always welcome.

To emphasize the party atmosphere, feature something that isn’t exactly eaten every day – like a root beer float or caramel corn. Or just order a pizza. No cooking required and it’s delicious–win-win.

Game Plan:

No, this doesn’t mean vocalizing what play you think should come next. This means having a plan in mind when it comes to the dreaded clean-up stage of your party. Disposable cutlery, plates and cups are easy to get rid of when your surfaces are covered with disposable table cloths – just remove leftover dip and voilà! One-step clean up. Drag small trash pails out of bedrooms and position them in the living room and near the kitchen table for cups and bottle caps. People should get the hint.

Open Minds:

When half of your guests love football and the others don’t, a Super Bowl party can take an easy turn towards snark. Whether you’re throwing a party or attending one, be open minded to the opinions of others. Non-football-minded attendees, see if a few questions can enlighten you to what’s going on, on the field. Die-hard football fans, remember that other guests are available for conversation and merriment; the world won’t end if you miss a few minutes of play. Parties are meant for fun and, more often than not, fun is other people.