SA executive elections begin Tuesday

By Hailey Kurth

Voting in the Student Association executive elections are being held Tuesday and Wednesday, and some candidates already have their game plan in place.

“We have been speaking with various organizations on campus and will be passing around flyers on Tuesday and Wednesday to make students more aware of elections and the Student Association,” said Gina Gregolunas, SA Vice Presidential candidate and current SA director of Greek Affairs.

Gregolunas said SA executive elections differ from SA senate elections because executive election campaigning includes debates and speaking with student organizations. Gregolunas said she is running on a ticket with presidential candidate Delonte LeFlore, treasurer candidate Joshua Venaas, and student trustee candidate Elliot Echols.

SA Presidential candidate Derek Koegel said he ran solo for the SA presidential seat last year. This year he teamed up with SA Vice Presidential candidate Rachel Wilkins, and he thinks it made a difference. Koegel said he also met with more organizations and looked into different resident halls for support. Koegel said he plans to hand out handbills, but financially they aren’t the easiest way to gain support.

“I really can’t compete financially, so that’s why I need to have the one-on-ones with people,” Koegel said.

Venaas said handbills include information about the candidates and election in general.

Koegel said he and Wilkins have also put up flyers and made Facebook groups reminding students to vote.

“Last year I saw a lot of people standing about 100 feet from the polling areas giving out handbills and basically shouting to vote,” Koegel said. “I thought that was a good idea, so I gathered some people up to do this as well on the days of voting. I just wish it was warmer out.”

Jack Barry is also running for treasurer.