Don’t run out of steam: Sticking to New Year’s resolutions


File Photo, Northern Star- NIU students can take advantage of programs like pilates at the Rec.

By Hailey Kurth

Making a New Year’s resolution is the easy part–sticking to it is what can prove to be a problem.

“My resolution for this year is to be more approachable by giving a better vibe to people,” said Khaled Ismail, junior political science major.

Another popular choice for New Year’s resolutions pertains to health.

“My New Year’s resolution is to watch my diet and work out more,” said Eddy Carreno, sophomore Family, Consumer, and Nutrition Sciences major. “I work out at the rec since it’s free.”

Eric Appiah, assistant director of fitness and wellness at the student recreation center, said when working toward a New Year’s resolution, it’s important not to run out of steam.

“Working with a partner or partners will help improve your odds of sticking to your workout by 80 percent,” Appiah said.

Appiah also said students should have a plan of attack. They need to budget in distractions and workout in various ways to keep from getting bored. Students should challenge themselves, Appiah said.

“Taking certain group fitness classes allows you to not think of your own workout and have a workout already planned for you by an instructor,” Appiah said.

Students can test which classes they would like to participate in during free week, January 17-21, when all group fitness classes are free.

Another popular New Year’s resolution is to follow a healthier diet. Martha O’Gorman, coordinator of nutrition programming at recreation services, said students should follow S.A.F.E.: Sensible, Available, Fresh, and Energy-driven. Sensible meal plans include all food groups and should not rely on complicated formulas, O’Gorman said.

“The popular press at the beginning of each new year is always full of miracle diets and promises of instant success,” O’Gorman said. “Be sure the one you chose is sensible.”

Both O’Gorman and Appiah suggested students should visit campus recreation services to receive a free nutrition and personal training consultation. The nutrition counseling sessions are under the direction of a registered dietitian.