Sports writers Eli Gehn and Matt Hopkinson discuss Super Bowl XLVI matchup between Giants and Patriots

By Eli Gehn and Matt Hopkinson

Eli Gehn: Well, Matt, the Super Bowl is finally upon us. Most people, including me, didn’t have these two squaring up to fight for the Lombardi trophy. I personally would’ve liked to see the Ravens vs. 49ers. But thanks to the choking of Lee Evans, Billy Cundiff and Kyle Williams, we get a Super Bowl XLII rematch between the Patriots and Giants. What are your thoughts on all of it?

Matt Hopkinson: I’m surprised this game doesn’t feature a man pantomiming a belt on his waist, but this match-up features a lot of intrigue. Two of the best quarterbacks in the league, especially in big games, as well as one of the most dominant offensive teams facing a formidable defense. Which do you think wins out?

E.G.: I am really high on the Giants for this one. I don’t know why, but I just have an instinct that they pull it off. Eli Manning is playing the best football of his career right now, and the Giants’ pass rush is just dominating the trenches at this point. The G-Men also slayed Tom Brady and the Pats on the road during the regular season. I feel the Giants are more hungry to get this one, especially with all of the adversity they’ve overcome throughout the course of this season. Just looking at all of that, wouldn’t you say the Giants are a safe pick to take this one?

M.H.: As much as I love to play devil’s advocate, I can’t see it any other way. The Giants have the ability to play at a high level on both sides of the field, while the Patriots are severely limited defensively. When you’re running a third to fourth string wide receiver out as someone to be made accountable it pass coverage, I don’t think you’re destined for greatness. Unless Wes Welker and Brady manage to summon incredible synergy and run wild over the field, I see the Patriots competing but losing handily. Can you muster a case for the golden boy other than having the opponent “heavily scouted”?

EG: Those three words say it all when it comes to the Pats winning this game: The Golden Boy. He has to be scratching at the bit to get another chance to take down the Giants, and I honestly think he will have a great game. The defense does bring concern. It seems like it’s now or never for New England. Saying that, what things do the Pats need to do to stop the rolling G-Men?

M.H.: The Patriots will have to make a concerted effort to run the ball. While I don’t think BenJarvus Green-Ellis or Danny Woodhead will make much headway into the Giants defensive front, they have to be able to alleviate some pressure on Brady. The Patriots will, as they have all season, live and die by the forward pass. If the Patriots have any chance of pulling it out, Brady has to be all he’s made out to be and more. If not, I foresee Brady ripping out handfuls of golden hair.