Ross Dress for Less to replace Borders

By Olivia Willoughby

Out with Borders, in with Ross Dress for Less.

Ross will take the space left by the former Borders store in Northland Plaza, 2520 Sycamore Road in DeKalb, later this spring. The new business will bring another retail venue to the DeKalb community.

“It’ll bring in a new general merchandise retailer,” said Roger Hopkins, executive director of DeKalb County Economic Development. “Ross is trying to establish a retail presence. They’ve opened up 12 to 15 retail stores in the Chicago suburbs. It helps improve the retail vitality of the shopping area on Sycamore road.”

Along with bringing an additional shopping opportunity, Hopkins said the new business will create more jobs.

“We hope DeKalb will be a magnet regionally for generating merchandise shopping. We’re also hoping to recover some jobs that were lost from Borders,” Hopkins said. “It will also get retail sales tax income for the city.”

Hopkins said the date of construction is uncertain; however, it will begin during the spring and take at least three months to complete.