In Focus: Tips for getting through finals week

By Colin Remes

Colin Remes


Study early and often, but study just a little bit at a time. Instead of going home and watching TV during your free time, pick up a review sheet or write a few words in that paper you’ve been putting off. There will always be another party, and they invented DVR’s because we all have schedules that don’t revolve around when our favorite TV shows air. Most importantly, of all the weeks to skip class (unless you have a really good reason such as sever illness or death in the family) don’t choose finals week to skip. Get the proper amount of sleep, don’t drink alcohol, eat healthy and go workout if you’re having trouble focusing. Exercise is the best stress reliever there is and it’s good for your body and your mind.


Martha Lueck


Don’t cram. Pulling an all-nighter is the worst way to study for finals. You might feel like you forget all of the information during the test. Just think little by little. Go over the information multiple times so that you can retain it. After you study for awhile, give yourself time to just relax. But after that, stay motivated. Remember, everything you worked on this semester got you this far. One more week and a few more tests, projects and papers until you’re done. You’ll feel a lot better knowing that you end it well with a plan and staying focused. You’ll also find winter break to be much more rewarding.

Jack Baker


A lot of people like to listen to music while studying and if you’re one of those people, make sure the music doesn’t have lyrics. Lyrics and all other kinds of language are processed in a memory store system called the phonological loop. Anytime your mind processes the sounds of language, it is done in the phonological loop. There is only so much energy devoted to that process, so when you add lyrics on top of the information that you’re reading and studying, you’re straining a system that is already working hard. However, music without lyrics is processed under a different system in the brain. So, stay away from lyrical music during studying and you’ll have a better chance of remembering your notes when it comes time for that final.

Aaron Brooks


Get your lucky underpants clean, go chop off a rabbit’s foot, eat a bunch of carbs the night before, pray and give to charity. If you need advice for finals now, you need a lot of good luck and karma. The one piece of advice I can offer to you is: Know when to stop. If you have to spend this coming week cramming, then call it quits the night before no later than 9 pm. You will do a lot better with a clear head than one spinning with half bits of information. Relax, it is only a test and it is only a class. If you fall down, pick yourself up next semester. Good luck!

Alyssa Pracz


Every year there’s that one week where you just hate life: Finals. No need to worry though, that’s what redbull is for…lots of it. And who needs sleep anyway? You can sleep during winter break; just cram the night before and you’ll be fine. But, on a more serious note, probably the best way to survive finals is to just relax. I have trouble doing this, but if you just try to study a little each day, take breaks in-between studying (to avoid your brain from exploding) and actually get sleep in, it won’t be nearly as horrible as you thought. All-nighters seem like a good idea, but it won’t help when you can’t get up in the morning and miss your final.