Blackhawks unable to put ‘power’ in play

By Matt Hopkinson

The Blackhawks off-season signings have turned out to be smart and effective decisions so far.

It’s the super stars that the finger must be pointed at now, however. The Hawks have the fourth highest point total in the league up to this point, but have a power-play conversion percentage below 10.

When they’re on the power-play, I see guys trying to do it all on their own, stubbornly attempting to go through three defenders at once, trying to do their best Marshawn Lynch impersonation.

Hockey, as much as any other sport, revolves around being able to communicate and share responsibility.

I’m not blaming the super-star players for being selfish.They just need to get back to doing the fundamentals. I love watching Patrick Kane doing crazy spinning passes, but I love watching the Blackhawks light the lamp even more.

The man with the mustache has worked magic once before in this town already, if he can help fix the power-play, he may just do it again.