Key player: NIU defensive line

By Tony Osborne

The NIU defensive line will need to have a breakout game against Central Michigan, getting back on track from the tough offensive lines it has played in the past few weeks.

“We just want to go out there and be better than we were last week,” said NIU defensive lineman Nabal Jefferson.

The Huskies’ defense has not had the start it would’ve liked, but that comes with the early tough schedule.

The offensive line of Central Michigan has shown some weakness when looking at the number of lost yards by its quarterback Ryan Radcliff.

NIU’s defense is slightly more banged up than the offense: Going against two cutblock teams in the first four games has contributed the most to nagging injuries.

Huskies’ defensive end Alan Baxter will be available to help the Huskies take on the Chippewas’ offense Saturday.

NIU will welcome Baxter back with open arms but will continue production from other players up front.

“We’ve played anywhere from seven to 10 guys on the defensive line, and we’ll continue to that,” said NIU head coach Dave Doeren.

That depth on the defensive line could help the Huskies triumph over not only the Chippewas but the MAC Conference as well.