Intramural soccer kicks off season

By Lacy Searcy

The five-on-five indoor soccer league starts at 7 p.m. Monday at Chick Evans Field House.

Tim King, intramural sports assistant coordinator, said there are 56 teams playing in the league. There were 48 teams last year, he said.

“This year there are 24 teams playing in the co-rec division,” King said. “That’s amazing, compared to previous years.”

Teams are divided by five divisions: co-rec, Greek highly competitive, Greek competitive, independent highly competitive and independent competitive.

Students and faculty members can watch the games for free.

Before the new incarnation of the Field House was open, games were played at the Campus Recreation Center. Students such as senior finance major and co-rec indoor soccer player Paul Fricilone would agree that the Field House is better.

“Playing indoor soccer is better at the Field House because the courts are better,” he said.

The games will consist of two 15-minute halves. Halftime will be two minutes.

The indoor soccer season lasts three weeks. Each team plays at least one game a week. Teams without wins at the end of the season will not make the playoffs.

In case of a tie, three players from each team will alternately take shots from the designated penalty shot area. The team scoring the most out of three will be declared the winner.

When a foul is called, play will resume with a free indirect kick from the spot of the foul.

Players must have numbers and team colors on their jersey. Players who fail to follow these rules will not play.

Players who use contact will be penalized with a yellow card.

Any player who receives a yellow card will be forced to sit out one minute while his or her team plays short-handed during the penalty. Two yellow cards equals a red card which results in a player ejection.

“The reason I participate in things like this is because I want to get involved with school events,” Fricilone said.