Measuring up to competition no problem

By Sean Ostruszka

Standing out in the middle of Huskie Stadium on Friday, NIU’s four quarterbacks shuffled back and forth as a photographer directed them where to go.

In the spirit of trying to be helpful, Huskies QB Phil Horvath tried to take charge.

“Okay Zach [Ulrich], get on Britt [Davis’] shoulders,” Horvath said.

Ulrich shot a look over at Horvath and all four were laughing.

You see, Ulrich isn’t the tallest quarterback in the MAC. Actually, standing in at 5-foot-11, he’s one of the shortest.

But his teammates and coaches say with Ulrich, height really isn’t a big deal.

“In the grand scheme of things, [my height] really doesn’t matter,” the red-shirt sophomore said. “It makes things a little different, but I can still make all the throws I need to make.”

NIU offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach John Bond knows this. He also knows that when he’s dealing with Ulrich, he’s dealing with a true competitor.

In dealing with his height throughout his career, Ulrich has developed a knack for play-action passes, using his athleticism to move around in the pocket.

“He’s got such sheer athleticism,” Bond said. “And he’s one of those guys that if you keep him on the move, he has a chance to do some things.”