A bumpier ride after election

The countdown is on! With just 50 more days until the national election, candidates are preaching economic plans and policies instead of throwing their dirt across the fence of American politics.

It’s a refreshing change from the presidential election of 1988 when the candidates were throwing everything but the kitchen sink, but neither economic plans or any amount of issue debating will be enough to pull the country out of the financial tar pit.

Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton and President George Bush have realized that this election year the American people are looking for more in a leader than a good quip and a great smile. Americans are looking for a candidate with a plan—someone who can lead the country out of the choppy domestic waters in which it has found itself, and set the ship of domestic State back on a true course toward prosperity and renewal.

The candidates are both preaching that their economic plans will rejuvenate the economy. Bush and Clinton have both published booklets listing the steps they would take to revitalize the economy.

Bush has 13 steps to renewal while Clinton has four keys to economics which he would institute the moment he stepped into office. It doesn’t really matter if it’s 13 or four steps long. The fact remains that any candidate—Democrat, Republican or Perotian—would have to try to do something to jump start the economy the moment they stepped into office.

The bottom line is, no matter whom the public decides to give the start to, he had better be prepared to change as the numbers change and roll with the punches because he’s in for a bumpy ride.