Senior’s take on graduating during a pandemic


Courtesy of Jack Baudoin

Jack Baudoin, Northern Star columnist and journalism major, reflects on graduating during a pandemic.

By Jack Baudoin

DeKalb – Finishing college and moving on to the real world is a daunting task under any circumstances, but doing so during a global pandemic takes it to a whole new level of stressful. Yet it is also still as exciting, if not more so, than ever before.

When job security is uncertain for people who have spent years in their field, trying to find a career during this time might seem like an impossible task. So many different fields have been affected, and they have undergone changes that will not go away for a long time, if ever.

This is part of the reason why graduating seniors should be excited. They will be some of the first people in their respective fields to completely work under these guidelines. This will allow them to gain a better understanding of how business is being run, and they might have insights that people who are not used to the changes might fail to see.

While going into an unstable job market is scary, graduating seniors can rest easy knowing that they received a good education to prepare them for life ahead, and they will adapt quickly to what having a career during the pandemic entails.