Unpopular opinion: Candy corn tastes good


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Columnist Ally Formeller believes candy corn is the perfect seasonal treat for the fall.

Ally Formeller, Columnist

 As Halloween approaches, grocery stores start filling their displays with seasonal candy, candy corn included. Most customers ignore these displays and opt for something sweeter. 

But candy corn is the perfect seasonal treat. 

The biggest gripe with candy corn is its texture.

While most people could do without the smooth, waxy texture, that’s what really makes candy corn the perfect treat. Unlike caramel or gummies, candy corn doesn’t get stuck in your teeth, and unlike sour candies like Nerds or SweeTarts, it’s not too crunchy. The waxy, slightly chewy texture allows you to really sink your teeth in as the candy crumbles and melts in your mouth, letting the flavors dissolve on your tongue.  

Candy corn isn’t too sweet, either. In Brach’s candy corn, the main ingredient is sugar, but the small pieces of candy don’t taste overwhelmingly sweet. The soft, creamy flavors of vanilla, honey and butter combine in a perfect, fleeting sensation of saccharinity. Popping one or two in your mouth provides only a moment of sweetness as they crumble, but they leave nothing to be desired. 

As Halloween approaches, there’s no shortage of other treats to indulge in. But candy corn is truly evocative of this time of year. Eating a piece of candy corn immediately evokes the anticipation of the cool October weather, cozy sweaters and Halloween. 

The color scheme alone matches that of the approaching fall season. The brilliant white, orange and yellow stripes reflect the changing leaves, and are inviting rather than sickly. Even the pumpkin-shaped candy corn is appealing: its neon green stem and bright orange base are cute and whimsical and match the cozy feeling of early fall and changing leaves.

Candy corn doesn’t just come in unique shapes and colors— it has a unique history, too. It’s no secret that candy corn is based on actual corn kernels – this is because, in the late 1880s, companies wanted to market agriculture-themed candies to farmers and their families.  

Candy corn will probably never be most people’s favorite candy. But while it’s become cool to hate candy corn, it’s worth buying a bag or two. Whether it’s in the traditional triangle shape or it looks like a pumpkin, candy corn is a staple of the fall season. By indulging in this Halloween classic, you’re celebrating over 100 years of American agricultural history. And you’re treating your tastebuds, too.