Andrew Tate is a dangerous role model


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Andrew Tate is a dangerous role model to generations.

By Angelina Padilla-Tompkins, Opinion Editor

Trigger warning: Discussion of violence against women and mentions of sexual assault.

If you find yourself frequently on social media, it is likely that you have seen the name “Andrew Tate” popping up recently. Who is he, you might ask? Andrew Tate is an individual who is negatively impacting young generations. 

In an era where being an entrepreneur or content creator is highly valued, Andrew Tate appears to have it all. It is that image that young individuals want to strive for, but they must be careful not to adopt the same sick, poisonous and anti-feminist mindset. 

Emory Andrew Tate III is an American-British influencer and a former professional kickboxer. Lately, Tate’s popularity has been on the rise as clips from his YouTube channel, “TateSpeech,” podcast “Fullsend” and his TikTok content have gained millions of views. 

Tate has made numerous public statements where he claims he needs authority over women, talks of hitting women and has also taken to Twitter to share that he believes rape victims need to claim responsibility for having been raped. His tweets have since been removed, but some outlets quoted them before their removal. 

It doesn’t end there. Tate also showed his sick, predatory mindset when he made it known that he believes 18-year-old women are far more attractive than those in their 20s because they have, “been through less dick.” No man in their right mind would think this way about women or another human being for that matter. 

Junior digital marketing major, Chloe Amelse, recently learned who Tate was and the influence he has on men and women. 

“It made me really upset of how many people agreed with him,” said Amelse. “He is a really harmful person that is preaching beliefs that incite violence, especially amongst women.” 

As an advocate for women and reproductive rights, Amelse said she is troubled by the hold he has on the younger generation. 

“I think that it stems a lot from toxic masculinity,” said Amelse. “A lot of men aren’t comfortable in their own skin; society pushes a huge standard toward men where they have to be big and strong, the womanizer. Oftentimes it’s women being taught ‘watch out for the scary man’ and not men being taught to treat people with kindness and respect.” 

Tate has his fists around the young minds of new generations who have been following him closely. They hear what he is saying, see the luxurious lifestyle he is living and it looks attractive. 

This is not the kind of guy we want current generations looking up to. Young boys should not develop this misogynistic mentality, and young girls need to know that it is wrong to be treated in such a way by anyone.