Introducing ‘All-Star: A Huskie Sports Podcast’


Harrison Linden

Logo for ‘All-Star: A Huskie Sports Podcast’ (Graphic by Harrison Linden | Northern Star)

Welcome to the first episode of The Northern Star’s new podcast, ‘All-Star’. On this newly-launched podcast series, the Northern Star’s Skyler Kisellus brings listeners an inside look at the various sports programs at Northern Illinois University. Each week Skyler is joined by a co-host to converse about recent happenings in the sports community at NIU, talk about upcoming games and events, and hosts interviews with those on the inside of NIU’s athletic programs.

Readers can listen to the full first episode here.

In this pilot episode for the podcast, Skyler Kisellus is joined by the Star’s Multimedia Editor, Sean Reed, to talk about all things NIU sports, including recent wins, losses, upcoming games and more. Later in the episode, Skyler is joined by sports reporter Ethan Gonzalez to speak with Abby McHugh and Kylee Hermeyer about the current season of NIU women’s soccer, the twos experience working with the new head coach and what to expect next from the team.

Look for this show every week on Wednesday for new coverage of all of your favorite NIU sports, news, interviews and more.