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  • Sep 18, 7:31 pm

Elliot Smith: From a Basement on the Hill

Derek Wright

October 28, 2004

A posthumous release is doomed to mediocracy. Regardless how good or bad, there are too many questions to judge it fairly. Are the songs as complete as the artist wanted? What new material would have been written? Are the songs in the right order, or even the correct ones? What creative license was taken?...

Jimmy Eat World: Futures

Erin Wienke

October 28, 2004

Jimmy Eat World’s “Futures” proves to be its most well-rounded release - fully showcasing its talents. Mixing indie cred with pop sensibility, the fourth venture bridges gaps which had previously alienated old and new JEW fans. Seamlessly blending the sounds of “Clarity,” the elitists’ fa...

Corn stalking

Derek Wright

October 28, 2004

--The Teams-- Team: The Annoying Ones Name: Leslie Baran Year in School: Junior Major: Meteorology What do you bring to the team? “Singing and humor. I am wacky.” Name: Dave Dellaterza Year in School: Senior Major: Communication What do you bring to the team? “I’m the token gay guy, and I si...

Light up the stage

Marcus Leshock

October 28, 2004

For lighting students in the School of Theatre and Dance, this week has been one of the most important of their academic lives. Recently, the department formed an alliance with Upstaging Inc., one of the largest suppliers of digital lighting equipment in the United States. With this alliance, Upstag...

Enter stage left: Jack, cluelessly obfuscated

Chris Strupp

October 28, 2004

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: A priest, a street cop and a drunken Irish vampire walk into a church … Never mind, I’m just going to stop myself. For this week’s Trading expedition, I decided to join the theater world to hang out with NIU’s very own Minds Eye Theater. Minds Eye Theate...

Ted Leo: Shake the Sheets

Kelly Johnson

October 28, 2004

Oh, you don’t want to rock? Ted Leo doesn’t care. On “Shake the Sheets,” Leo grabs you in a headlock and rarely lets up in the album’s 40 minutes. More stripped-down than his previous releases, Leo gets back to the raw basics with less complex riffs, relying heavily on the standard power-pop...

Propaganda ages into art

Lindsey Rosati

October 28, 2004

Seeing World War II through posters is an educational time line about history. John Wright, owner of Wright’s Jewelry, 124 E. Lincoln Highway, decided to put together a gallery of his WWII posters at the Nehring Center Gallery in DeKalb. “It’s a full-time hobby and I display a lot of the posters...

Compilation varies tracks

Jessica Coello

October 27, 2004

Hip-hop hooray, it’s time for playback, yo. This week’s edition comes from senior kinesiology major Matt Kuhnen. The Monee native dressed up as Simba from “The Lion King” for Halloween last year and plans on doing the same this year. If Kuhnen were to somehow gain the superhero-like power to w...

Girls’ Stevenson suite takes a walk on the wild side

Rachel Gorr

October 26, 2004

From MTV to NIU, Cribs is in the hizzouse ... well, residence hall. Throughout the semester, Sweeps will delve into the sickest structures inhabited by NIU students. The first thing you notice when you enter this savvy Stevenson pad is the door covered with pictures of just about everything you can imagi...

Yellow rubber turns into gold

Rachel Gorr

October 25, 2004

Cancer, a disease taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans each year, might have finally met its match: plain, yellow bracelets. Six-time Tour de France winner and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong’s foundation began selling “live strong” bracelets earlier this year with the goal of r...

Bronco busts valiant husky

Mark Pietrowski

October 22, 2004

Every week before NIU football games, Sweeps will bring you the real matchups that matter, like which team mascot would win in a street fight. NIU will travel to Kalamazoo, Mich., this weekend to face off against Western Michigan University looking to destroy two teams from Michigan in consecutive weeks....

‘The Dean of rock-club soundmen’

Kelly Johnson

October 21, 2004

Stan Doty has come a long way since his days studying industrial engineering at the University of Colorado. “In 1977, I got a job as a stagehand working for the Grateful Dead through a friend,” Doty said. “After that, I was hooked. Being behind the scenes is a real thrill.” Now 46, Doty has b...