Northern Star

  • Sep 18, 7:31 pm

Between the pages and the classroom

Jessica Coello

October 21, 2004

A few weeks ago, English instructor Amy Newman visited the Barnes & Noble bookstore to read her newly published series of poems titled “Fall.” A crowd of about 50 NIU students, faculty and friends came to listen to Newman read sections from her book, which was nearly sold out at the store by...

Decent date movie is light on its feet

Lindsey Rosati

October 21, 2004

For a movie about ballroom dancing, its outcome is pretty decent. Directed by Peter Chelsom (“Serendipity,” “Town & Country”), “Shall We Dance?” is a movie about Chicago accountant John Clark (Richard Gere), who is happily married but bored with his everyday routine, feeling that som...

Who should campaign next?

Derek Wright and Jessica King

October 21, 2004

With the presidential election less than two weeks away, Weekender wanted to find out which celebrities you would like to see not endorse candidates, but take up a campaign of their own: Krist Novoselic, the former Nirvana bassist, with aspirations of joining the U.S. Senate? Jello Biafra, the Dead Kenn...

It’s time for your questions

Greg Feltes

October 21, 2004

Every year, the third Saturday in October provokes relationship carnage over non-existent gifts, half-hearted gestures and those strange looks you keep giving that poster of the hot Olsen twin. Sweetest Day (or as I call it, the annual “Greg, you will die a lonely, cold death, while that kid you hated i...

Calling all corn maze fans

Derek Wright

October 21, 2004

Weekender needs your help. For the section’s Halloween edition, running Oct. 28, we hope to send students on a frigid, ghoulish race. We are looking for teams of two to four students to help us with the upcoming cover story. The Jonamac Orchard in Malta is home to a Halloween tradition for the NIU...

Pinback: Summer in Abaddon

Derek Wright

October 21, 2004

The terms “lo-fi” and “DIY” aren’t usually associated with dense layers of samples, drum loops, multiple-part harmonies and music so complex that it requires five multi-instrumentalists to play it live when it was recorded by only two. Yet the California duo Rob Crow and Armistead Burwell S...

‘The Dean of rock-club soundmen’

Kelly Johnson

October 21, 2004

Stan Doty has come a long way since his days studying industrial engineering at the University of Colorado. “In 1977, I got a job as a stagehand working for the Grateful Dead through a friend,” Doty said. “After that, I was hooked. Being behind the scenes is a real thrill.” Now 46, Doty has b...

‘Team America’ nails targets

Marcus Leshock

October 21, 2004

Before you walk into “Team America: World Police,” make sure you’re familiar with Trey Parker and Matt Stone. These are the guys who make “South Park,” a television cartoon that once had an episode featuring Christopher Reeve eating aborted fetuses to gain enough power to rule the world. I...

Cake: Pressure Chief

Jessica King

October 21, 2004

Some bands find success and then kind of stop. They have their sound and they’re sticking to it. Cake is one such band. With its fifth album, “Pressure Chief,” the group affirms, once again, its resistance to an overload of change. Full of easy hooks and economical funk beats, the release contai...

New Jack infiltrates the Groundhogs

Christopher Strupp

October 21, 2004

Some people will always remember their first high school dance, or the day they met that special someone. For me, it was the day I did my first break-dance move called the “coffee grinder.” For my first time as the Jack of All Trades, I infiltrated a little-known group called the NIU Groundhogs. ...

Phonk! it UP

Collin Quick

October 21, 2004

Scrap Arts Music brings its blend of musical diversity to DeKalb tonight. The group features unique homemade instruments ranging from the Scorpion Drum to the Plankphone. Based out of Vancouver, Canada and led by founder Gregory Kozak, who doubles as the group’s percussionist, Scrap Arts Music has ...

A special investigation: Free lunch

Gerold Shelton

October 21, 2004

“You want it. You got it ... for a limited time.” The enigmatic ad first appeared on this very page Sept. 27. It trumpeted “FREE FOOD,” such as a medium cheese pizza from Domino’s or a pepe sandwich from Jimmy John’s. All you had to do was give a few small pieces of personal information to a W...