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  • Sep 18, 7:31 pm

The Donnas: Gold Medal (2-1/2 stars)

Collin Quick

November 4, 2004

Coming off the success of their 2002 hit album “Spend the Night” and their brief cameo in the 1999 film “Jawbreaker,” The Donnas return with “Gold Medal.” It’s an 11-track album that glistens with guitar riffs and lyrics about - what else - boys. Backed by Torry Castellano’s kick dru...

‘Memories’ get emotional

Erin Weinke

November 4, 2004

“Becoming Memories” hopes to move audiences emotionally. The heartfelt play about family bonds, courage and love runs Nov. 4-7 in the Stevens Building Player’s Theatre. Richard Poole, assistant professor in the School of Theatre and Dance, cast only junior B.F.A. candidates for this production...

Lush & Loaded

Jessica King

November 4, 2004

Christine LoFaso doesn’t want you to stereotype the fibers discipline. Fibers, an emphasis for B.F.A. majors in the School of Art, includes papermaking, book arts, fabric painting, printing, dyeing and textile construction. LoFaso, the program’s head, stresses its huge range of materials and techni...

NTC: Your news, tonight

Linda Rosati

November 4, 2004

This is not a test. “We tell our students from day one this is not a drill; everything you do goes out to the community,” said Allen May, general broadcast manager of the Northern Television Center. NTC News Tonight is a program run by students enrolled in “Directing and Producing Television News.” It is...

Get Animated!

Erin Weinke

November 4, 2004

Animation is a hip-hop dance group doing its part at NIU to stop segregation. The group promotes racial harmony by being a very ethnically diverse organization. The group originated under the Philippine Student Association. The group was founded by students - juniors Shane Adriatico and Nikko Belano and s...

Keeping busy post-election

Greg Feltes

November 4, 2004

I awoke Wednesday with an odd combination of relief and dread. Despite all hopes, I can’t turn on my television and readily witness someone being called an illiterate flip-flopper with the intent to pack the Supreme Court with Nazis, inject the flu into every senior citizen and make gay zombie marr...

Ray (4 stars)

Marcus Leshock

November 4, 2004

A critic can always tell when a biographical film is a success. They always find themselves reviewing the title character more than the film itself. I thought about this before seeing “Ray,” the new film from director Taylor Hackford about the life of musician Ray Charles. I realized I had known l...

Monster bash

Kelly Johnson

November 4, 2004

Reggae. Giant bat costumes. Spooky drums and bass. Countless Catholic school girls. Zombie dance parties are not for the closed-minded. On Halloween, more than 100 freaks and ghouls finally got their chance to cut a rug at Otto’s, 118 E. Lincoln Highway, during the “Zombie Dance Party.” Billed as “...

R. Kelly and Jay-Z: Unfinished Business (2 stars)

Lady C

November 4, 2004

R. Kelly and Jay-Z are back ... again, with their collaborative album, “Unfinished Business.” In 2002, the pair made their first joint attempt, “The Best of Both Worlds,” which flopped - and the tour was canceled. R. Kelly faced rape charges that were eventually dropped and this new album was ...

Sahara Hot Nights: Kiss & Tell (3 stars)

Derek Wright

November 4, 2004

The Sahara Hotnights are what The Go-Go’s would have sounded like if they had rocked as hard as they partied. Not that the four Hotnights are nymphomaniacal drug addicts. They just know how to write catchy pop gems while playing the role of femme fatales with guitars slung low enough on their hips to ...

Eatin’ good in the neighborhood

Derek Wright

November 4, 2004

Remember those horrible images of cafeterias that you had when you were younger? You’d picture yourself standing in a mile-long line waiting for a bitter, stone-faced woman to slap a spoonful of unidentifiable gumbo onto a tray and shove it in your face. Maybe you had chains around your ankles as ...

Songs for every genre under the sea

Jessica Coello

November 3, 2004

Editor’s Note: From time to time, Sweeps will be introducing you to the vibrant personalities that embody the 60115. These people are truly DeKalb characters ... Tired of “Hail to the Chief” and “Still the One”? Well, consider Playback your sanctuary from tired political tunes. This week’s ...