Northern Star

Regent’s meetings belong on campus

January 12, 1987

The magnanimous Board of Regents recently decided faculty and students at the three Regency schools should be allowed to attend and have more of an impact on board meetings. At first glance, this decision comes across as a sound and generous move by the board. But taking a closer look, one will realize that...

UC approves condemning resolution

Tom Omiatek

January 12, 1987

The University Council Dec. 10 approved a resolution calling for the condemnation of the controversial student publication, Stump, which the Council called "degrading" to minorities. NIU students Erik Engel, Paul Engel and Philip Craig wrote, paid for, published and distributed the magazine on campus in...

Ron’s Watergate

January 12, 1987

Our history was founded on representative government, exemplified in the Pilgrim's "Town Meeting" government, wherein there was open government, rather than secrecy. We've had the secrecy of Watergate with domestic political spying to circumvent our elections. Now there's a combination of Irangate, cont...