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A student organizing a planner so that they know when their classes are.

Poll: When is the best time of day for classes? 

By Angelina Padilla-Tompkins, Editor-in-Chief | January 24, 2023

Whether you prefer morning, afternoon or evening classes, the course material will remain the same. Students just need to figure out what works best for their needs and personal schedules.   Morning classes  Early classes can push you to be more...

A students laptop displays the opening screen for Blackboard, NIUs primary website for classes. Blackboard is still vital to classes no matter the method of instruction.

Fill in the blank: Best format of classes

COVID-19 has allowed for several new formats of classes to be normalized.
Advisers provide crucial resources

Advisers provide crucial resources

By Jordan Radloff | November 10, 2019

Academic advisers are the most important source of assistance for choosing classes. Without proper guidance, picking classes that fulfill general education and degree requirements can be a confusing process. There are many useful resources students should...

The Jazz Combo Fest put on by the School of Music took place at the House Cafe in 2017.

School of Music restricts non-majors

By Northern Star Editorial Board | April 27, 2017

The Northern Star Editorial Board believes all students should have the opportunity to enroll in any classes that are possible given their credentials and majors. Specifically, the Editorial Board agrees the School of Music does not allow students to...

Church, students pray the stress away

By Logan Love | April 30, 2013

Students prayed for less stress as the semester winds down and final examinations approach. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 900 Normal Road, hosted #Prayers2Pass on Tuesday passing out free snacks and drinks while praying with students. Participants prayed...

Keep an active mind during the summer

By AJ Edwards | April 30, 2013

With the summer fast approaching and finals week within reaching distance, students are ready to put all textbooks away and take a long, well-deserved break from anything that requires thinking. I should warn you, my fellow Huskies, that completely flushing...

There are some perks to taking summer classes

By Annastazia Camarena | April 29, 2013

Summer classes are probably the last thing college students want to think about around this time of the semester, but consider how the benefits can outweigh the cons. Summer classes are a great way to get credits in a short amount of time. Some local...

Memorization is not the best learning tool

Memorization is not the best learning tool

By Kim Randall | March 25, 2013

Sunday nights--the time when a great feat is oft attempted. Of course, I mean when students try to complete a plethora of homework assignments and studying that was put off for weekend festivities. This was the case for me March 17 upon my return to school...

DeKalb snowplows plow Lucinda Ave. during the heavy snowfall.

Snow storm closes NIU’s campus, classes canceled

By Robert Baird | March 5, 2013

The area nearly doubled its average snowfall accumulation for the month of March following a storm Tuesday. NIU meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste said the snow was heavy, wet and compacted as it hit the ground. “The typical average in March is 4.2 inches,”...

Snowstorm cancels Tuesday evening classes

By Robert Baird | February 26, 2013

Tuesday saw the first time all classes have been canceled because of snow since February 2011. The afternoon’s snow storm led to the cancelation of all regularly scheduled night classes. The school follows a specific protocol when making these determinations,...

General education classes are needed

General education classes are needed

By Hayley Devitt | February 20, 2013

General education courses are essential in making well-rounded adults of us all. I mean, there are many relevant things to be learned in all general disciplines, and it will be important in the workplace to be able to view a situation from varying perspectives....