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Continuously leaving classes can have a number of impacts on a college students career.

Point/Counterpoint: Leaving class in the middle of a lecture

By Summer Fitzgerald and Zulfiqar Ahmed | January 19, 2022
The college experience consists of having total freedom, especially when it comes to attending classes.

Point/ counterpoint: Texting and driving laws

By Jordan Radloff and Nicole Kain | September 15, 2019

Texting while driving law too stringentJordan Radloff | Contributor A law pertaining to distracted driving laws was recently passed by the Illinois General Assembly to change Section 5 of the Illinois Vehicle Code. The new law was put into effect on...

Point/Counterpoint: Friend zone

Point/Counterpoint: Friend zone

By Godwin Thomas | April 16, 2018

  Point/Counterpoint: Friend zone Friend-zoning occurs when someone wants a romantic relationship, despite their friend wanting a platonic one, according to a 2014 study by Bowling Green State University.Its possible to escape the zoneGodwin ThomasThose...

Point/Counterpoint: Shooting prevention

By Mackenzie Meadows | February 26, 2018

Many Americans have strong opinions on school safety. On Feb. 23 President Donald Trump proposed we arm teachers to combat shootings.More armed security needed Mackenzie MeadowsPrincipals, deans and other office staff in every elementary, middle and...

Point/Counterpoint: Student Association candidates

By Perspective Staff | March 27, 2017

A long-standing debate exists about whether it is best that students who serve on the Student Association be a part of Greek Life. Past candidates have argued that it creates an unfair bias against non-Greeks. Greek Life does not prevent diversityFaith...

Point/Counterpoint: NIU student safety

By Perspective Staff | September 1, 2016

Point:Brooklyn HarperColumnistStudents should feel safe on campus because NIU has taken many precautions to ensure the safety of students. Regardless of the activities happening in the DeKalb area, students have a safe place here. That is the beauty of...

Point/Counterpoint: FASFA submission date change

By Perspective Staff | August 29, 2016

Counterpoint:Kara MercerColumnistFree Application for Federal Student Aid could have kept the Jan. 1 acceptance date while still allowing the previous year’s tax information. This would allow students to get through a full semester before having to...

Point/Counterpoint: Gmail vs. Office Outlook

By Faith Mellenthin | April 4, 2016

Faith MellenthinColumnistCounter:Transitioning to Microsoft Outlook 365 will be a difficult process that will permanently leave behind the popular Gmail that is more convenient and easier for students to use.Google has always been famous for quick search...