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Women rise in primary elections

Women rise in primary elections

By Ginger Simons | October 28, 2018

More women than ever are running for office this midterm season, and this “Pink Wave” is an encouraging sign women may be one step closer to achieving equal representation in Congress, regardless of political party.In 2017 a number of women’s issues...

Local couple provides healthy food options to community members

By Taher Zeitoun | October 18, 2018

DeKALB — Local DeKalb business Healthy AF Nutrition fights to prove eating healthy is possible through simple recipes using fresh ingredients.Co-owners Jackie DeCleene and Adrian Lopez run the daily operations and manage the company. They started the...

Kavanaugh’s appointment instigates rape culture

By Northern Star Editorial Board | October 10, 2018

The Northern Star Editorial Board feels the hearings and election of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court perpetuate rape culture, the belittling of sex crimes as a result of societal attitudes about gender and sexuality.President Donald Trump...

‘Rugrats’ Reboot: Hold onto your diapers

By Maddie Barrett | July 30, 2018

As a 90’s kid, “Rugrats” was one of my favorite shows. Released in 1991, it was a show about a group of toddlers who seemed to get into different sorts of trouble (as toddlers do). According to IMDb, Rugrats received over 20 awards during its 14-year...

Pretty Little Fashionista: Aria Montgomery

By Rachel Sanchez | July 19, 2018

Gotta Secret? If it’s about Aria’s fashion, don’t keep it. “Pretty Little Liars” Aria Montgomery has all the tips and tricks to help you rock your own style wherever and whenever you want.If you’re drawn to the dark side, summon your inner...

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3 ways to know if the tattoo is right for you

By Abby Wisecarver | July 17, 2018

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“Heathers” the TV show: A complete miss

By Maddie Barrett | June 28, 2018

Image Courtesy IMDb In 1999, New WorldPictures released a drama-filled, cult classic film titled “Heathers” and Paramount Pictures released a 2018 TV show based on the revamped fan favorite. “Heathers” is based around a group of popular girls,...

DeKalb to increase art activities, create color

By Scott Nichol | January 28, 2016

DeKalb plans to increase the number of art activities and artists residing on the NIU campus by creating a Arts, Culture, Entertainment Corridor, presented at Monday’s City Council meeting.The Arts, Culture, Entertainment Corridor is based on existing...

In Focus: Why should students attend cultural events?

By Perspective staff | October 28, 2014

The Indian Students Association is hosting a cultural awareness event called Sanskruti at 5:30 p.m. Friday in the Holmes Student Center.Marilou TerronesThe best way to get to know someone is by understanding where he or she comes from.To do so, we must...

Exams don’t examine culture

By Marilou Terrones | October 12, 2014

Upcoming standardized exams generalize bilingual students’ language knowledge.On Saturday, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures will administer bilingual exams in Watson Hall. During the two-hour tests, students are expected to prove...

NIU needs closer Asian stores

By Mohammed Taha Faridi | October 8, 2014

One of the most discouraging problems of being an international student is not getting to eat food from your culture.With international student enrollment increasing from 847 to 1,090 students from fall 2013 to this semester, Asian restaurants and stores...

Event teaches importance of cultural understanding

By Logan Love | March 19, 2013

Participants developed a better understanding of cultural diversity at the From Cards to Cultural Understanding event on Tuesday. The program was led by faculty and staff from the International Programs department and put on by Human Resource Services....