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Lot C sits half full during morning classes on Friday. During peak times, Lot C parking spots are often scarce as commuters and professors share paid spaces at the center of campus, close to many of the liberal arts buildings. (Totus Tuus Keely | Northern Star)

NIU faculty parking should be free

By Alberto Briones, Opinion Columnist | February 6, 2024

Parking fees may seem irrelevant in higher education, since most of the focus is on salaries, health insurance or retirement plans. Free parking for NIU instructors and staff is a tiny but meaningful gesture that may boost employee happiness and well-being. Sandy...

The Center for Black Studies offers a Black Studies minor and several programs for Black students. The center creates a safe space for NIUs diverse student body for the past 50 years.

Associate Director: ‘If you don’t have a diverse faculty, you can further systemic racism’

By Parker Otto | February 25, 2022
NIU has a diverse student body but does not have the staff to match it. A more diverse staff would make college life more comfortable for students and more welcoming.
Faculty art displays hard work

Faculty art displays hard work

By Jamie O'Toole, Columnist | January 26, 2020

Faculty art of various styles covered the walls of the Art Museum during a public reception of the NIU School of Art and Design Faculty Biennial Exhibition held Thursday.The reception allowed students to view professors’ work and attendees to bid on...

University faculty and staff enjoyed food and conversation with colleagues Thursday during the Presidents Holiday Appreciation Gathering in Altgeld Hall.

Freeman hosts President’s Holiday Appreciation Gathering for faculty and staff

By Samanta Echevarria | December 2, 2018

University faculty and staff enjoyed food and conversation with colleagues Thursday during the President's Holiday Appreciation Gathering in Altgeld Hall.

Pass/Fail: Positive student activism; Community responses to student activism

By Lucas Skye | March 1, 2018

PassPositive student activismNIU student groups are doing an excellent job when it comes to raising awareness about campus issues. One of the most recent examples of this was the Feb. 22 diversity march that was composed of students from the Latino Student...


By Shaz Sheikhali | January 14, 2014

See what events pass and fail as judged by Perspective Editor Shaz Sheikhali.PassCity helps spread info on new Ill. lawCity Council is taking the initiative to ensure gunholders are aware that, yes, they may now carry concealed firearms, but not on various...

Vision 2020 should improve campus facilities

By Editorial Board | September 25, 2011

Have you ever used a restroom in Reavis or DuSable?If you have, you may have noticed that the accommodations are far from ideal: broken stalls, unexpected odors and cramped spaces. DuSable doesn't fare much better. Compare these buildings to others, like...

Vision 2020 should ensure quality faculty and curriculum

September 21, 2011

NIU plans to increase enrollment to 30,000 students by 2020. Vision 2020 boasts many positive additions to the campus; but the board feels this initiative fails to identify several important areas necessary to attracting the proposed number. On Monday,...

Grade appeal system needs checks and balances

By Jennifer Irocky | June 30, 2011

When it comes to making decisions, the more educated inputs available, the better.  Always get a second opinion, and then a third and maybe even a fourth.  Unfortunately, the input from an advising voice has disappeared from NIU in the arena of grade...

Implementing a plus/minus grading system hurts current students

By Letter Writer | March 6, 2011

In regards to the implementation of a new grading system at NIU, I must express my deep concern. I see many problems arising out of such a system being placed on the students who are well into their degree programs. With the amount of stress already being...

Black Student Union petitions to increase diversity in NIU faculty

By Jacqueline Evans | January 18, 2011

The Black Student Union (BSU) has pledged their support for the petition to increase ethnically diverse faculty at NIU, created through BSU member Sarah Theodore-Young. "The petition was an idea I developed after speaking with a group of friends about...

BOT approves salary increases

By Kyla Gardner | October 21, 2010

Salary increases announced Thursday by the NIU Board of Trustees will affect 83 percent of faculty and 84 percent of supportive professional staff. The increases will cost $1.8 million for the 2011 fiscal year and $3.4 million for the 2012 fiscal year....