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Raising minimum wage: troubles for businesses, workers

Raising minimum wage: troubles for businesses, workers

By Holly New | September 3, 2013

Fast food workers around the nation decided to strike, asking for $15 an hour, on Thursday.Robert B. Reich, former secretary of labor, said in a petition that McDonald’s and Walmart “can easily afford to pay them $15 an hour without causing...

Politicians are walking advertisements

By Cody Laplante | January 27, 2013

“Yes We Can.” This was the phrase plastered across televisions in 2008. These three words were at the center of Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign. However, do these words give the voting population any indication as to the policies Obama...

Obama wins another four years in office

By Samantha Brockett | November 7, 2012

America will see four more years with President Barack Obama. The election was decided late Tuesday night with the president receiving 303 electoral votes to defeat Republican challenger Mitt Romney who only had 206, according to CNN news. CNN reported...

Voting a privilege to all in U.S.

By Katie Finlon | November 6, 2012

Today, I’m gonna go political on your butt. I’m sure Facebook is reminding you well enough that today’s Election Day—the day in which the fate of our country as we know it will be decided by the American people and the Electoral College. No pressure...

Romney is the business-saavy, economic choice

By Holly New | November 6, 2012

First of all, Romney holds a joint Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration from Harvard University. And despite scrutiny, his development of Bain Capital has lead to a very successful business, demonstrating that he has the business experience...


Election Profile: President of the United States of America

By Joe Palmer | October 30, 2012

Election Profile: President of the United States of America Barack Obama Party: Democrat, Incumbent Age: 51 Born: Honolulu, Hawaii Campaign Headquarters: Chicago Campaign Slogan: “Forward” Vice presidential running mate: Joe Biden Education: Bachelor’s...

Celebrity endorsements can sway the elections

By Holly New | October 23, 2012

Glitz, glamour and... tour bus? Hollywood and politics have mixed for years. Celebrities have a long history of endorsing politicians, from Marilyn Monroe’s support of John F. Kennedy in 1960 to Frank Sinatra backing Ronald Reagan in 1980, and this...

Pizza toppings are not a proper topic

By Troy Doetch | October 16, 2012

Some people hate the Democratic Party, others, the Republican. However, in a bipartisan agreement reminiscent of the Kony 2012 elephantine/asinine Venn diagram, everyone and their bubbe loathes the Pizza Party. Not me. In an attempt to be topical and/or...

Conversations that simply don’t need to happen anymore

By Hayley Devitt | October 15, 2012

You know how there are some conversations you’re tired of having? Do you ever get sick of the same worn-out topics? Like how a lot of us have pet peeves, there are some conversations I wish would die out. No. 1 is “The ’90s were the best for cartoons.”...

Elections are more important than you may think

By Anthony Szudarski | October 14, 2012

Advertisements have a profound effect on any campaign, especially presidential elections. Campaigning with TV advertisements is nothing new in politics. We’ve all seen commercials saying something about how their opponent wants to, has done or will...

Big Bird belittles big issues

By Troy Doetch | October 10, 2012

Goofing off is a pillar of my faith. Often, there is a profound truth in silliness—in running with what makes you laugh. Humor has a way of taking unexpected turns and illuminating in an unpredictable way. But sometimes, it can be volatile, derailing...

(Students names from left to right on couch): Junior communications major Jordan Reed; Andy Vikre, junior political science major; and Delonte LeFlore, senior organizational and computer communications major, watch the first presidential debate from the New Orleans Room of Stevenson C Tower Wednesday night. The debate was between presidential candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.

Students divided over who ‘won’ presidential debate

By Alan Kozeluh | October 4, 2012

The first 2012 presidential debate triggered mixed reactions from members of student organizations. Members of the Black Student Union (BSU) gathered in Stevenson C Tower to watch the debate. Phillip Jones, College Democrats president, senior political...