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E.B.O.N.Y. Women is a group on campus, founded in 2001, that aims to support, uplift and unify women on campus.

‘E.B.O.N.Y. Women’ focuses on self-love

By Nyah Nowakowski, News Reporter | September 29, 2022

Everyone is aware of how challenging it can be to simply love themself in a world where the media repeatedly makes it challenging for us to do so.  The student organization E.B.O.N.Y. Women is a group on campus, founded in 2001, that aims to support,...

Left to right: Jordyn Crosby, Tashay Brown,
De’Aushea Usher, Amaiya Bailey, Tyler Lawson. S.I.S.T.E.R.S organizations purpose is to empower and inspire women.

Student organization meets to empower young women

By Ellie Craighead, News Reporter | March 8, 2022
S.I.S.T.E.R.S is a student organization open to all female students and is a safe space where they can feel empowered and inspired.
Senate Speaker Dallas Douglass (left) sworns in Jonah Stuckey (right) at the Feb. 27 SGA meeting

SGA petitions to push NIU to add official grief policy

By Ellie Craighead, News Reporter | February 28, 2022
At SGA's meeting Sunday, they approved a new senator, signed a petition, passed a new resolution and recognized a new club.

Fill in the blank: My advice for the end of the semester is…

By Northern Star Staff | December 2, 2019

Stay organizedKyle Mathas | ContributorWhen it comes to the end of the semester, students can lose the motivation to do the work their classes require. Although it can be very difficult to do the work that the teachers give out, it is very important to...

Staying motivated, managing school through summer break

Staying motivated, managing school through summer break

By Jay Ibarra | July 11, 2016

Having school in the summer sounds like a bad idea — with vacations, work and relationships, how do we manage it?The key is to constantly motivate yourself and if you haven’t clued into that now, you’d better start. Think about how good it’ll...

Non-profit looks to add bikes lanes to DeKalb

By Logan Love | February 27, 2013

The Green Paws Environmental Alliance (Green PEA) is working on getting bike lanes installed in and around campus and its H2O to Go initiative. “The university would do well to have bike lanes and try to have a more sustainable campus here,” said...

Editorial: Occupy movement needs organization and leadership

By Editorial Board | November 16, 2011

After exactly two months of protests, the Occupy Wall Street movement is no closer to accomplishing any sort of goal. The movement started Sept. 17 when protesters tried pitching tents in front of the New York Stock Exchange to protest the uneven distribution...

Greek Row sits empty on a night in October. Policing Greek Row has been a contentious topic, whether the status quo should stay or if the university and police should take control.

How should Greek Row be policed?

By The Editorial Board | May 2, 2011

Within the past two years, there have been two high-profile gun incidents in DeKalb involving members of NIU's Greek community. On Feb. 19, 2010, NIU student Zachary Isaacman shot another student, Brian Mulder, outside of Stevenson Towers. At the time,...

Campus Live Radio is a great resource for students

Campus Live Radio is a great resource for students

By Portia Kerr-Newman | February 20, 2011

Every campus has a group of things to compliment the campus, whether they be fraternities, sororities, sports teams or academic programs. But what NIU does not have is its own radio station. Being new to NIU this year, it was somewhat difficult for me...

SA deserves praise for new bylaws policy

By Editorial Board | November 8, 2010

Is atheism a religion? Is a group that openly supports a position on abortion still just a social group? Is lobbying for the decriminalization of marijuana a political activity? There are no right answers here, and the answers are really up for debate...

Meetings can still be held in Res. halls

By Rikki Cottrell | October 27, 2010

DeKALB | Student Involvement and Leadership has released instructions to any organizations who hold meetings in the residence halls in light of the heightened security on campus. In an e-mail from Melissa Roman, of Student Involvement and Leadership,...