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President John G. Peters with the Committee on Resources, Space, and Budgets (CRSB) discussed the budget process and the allocation of fiscal resources at the NIU university Council meeting on Wednesday afternoon in the HSC Skyroom. Mr. Peters reiterated NIU as a student centered, and research based institution. Topics discussed included overall budget, student enrollment, campus sustainability and infrastructure, employee compensation, and NIUs Vision 2020.

University Council approves $160 million budget

By Kevin Steiger | February 28, 2013

University Council (UC) approved President John Peters’ proposal to utilize more than $160 million for different occasions across campus, including renovations, at its meeting Wednesday. Eddie Williams, executive vice president and chief of operations,...

Peters’ replacement, budget discussed at University Council

By Robert Baird | January 30, 2013

University Council met for the first time of 2013 to discuss the 2014 budget building process and the progress in finding a replacement for NIU President John Peters. University Council started at 3 p.m. Wednesday in the Sky Room of the Holmes Student...

The Sycamore Public Library will remain open during upcoming construction.

Sycamore Public Library renovations begin

By Felix Sarver | April 16, 2012

When people visit the main entrance of the Sycamore Library in the future, they won’t be greeted by a wall, but a desk of smiling staff members ready to serve them. The library, 103 E. State St., began construction Monday to make the facility more welcoming...

Vision 2020 should improve campus facilities

By Editorial Board | September 25, 2011

Have you ever used a restroom in Reavis or DuSable?If you have, you may have noticed that the accommodations are far from ideal: broken stalls, unexpected odors and cramped spaces. DuSable doesn't fare much better. Compare these buildings to others, like...

City council finalizes plans for renovations

By Thomas Verschelde | April 24, 2011

DeKalb City Council is close to finalizing plans for the renovation of the city hall and police station, located at 200 S. Fourth St. Fourth Ward Alderman Brendon Gallagher said the renovations will be under way as soon as the council votes to approve...

Construction crews pill up rubble while tearing down Cole Halls foyer as part of the remodeling process.

State bill to fund Stevens Hall renovations overturned; Cole Hall project remains funded

By Jim Maahs and Allyson martin | January 28, 2011

DeKALB | Funding for the Stevens Hall renovation plan was abruptly halted Wednesday when an Illinois appellate court ruled the bill unconstitutional. NIU President John Peters announced the news at a University Council meeting Wednesday afternoon. Projects...

Construction on Cole Hall is underway

By Jacqueline Evans | January 18, 2011

DeKALB | The remodeling of Cole Hall officially began on Friday, almost three years after the Feb. 14 shooting. Nearly a year ago, Gov. Pat Quinn visited NIU to announce that state funds for Cole Hall's renovation had been released. According to NIU Today,...

Renovated Grant C Tower to open in fall 2011

By Jack Baker | November 11, 2010

Students moving into the renovated Grant C Tower will have an experience that is much different than that of people living in the other towers in Grant. Housing and Dining has listened to student feedback and has worked to incorporate ideas from students...

Future campus renovations and additions take spotlight

By Alex Fiore | November 3, 2010

Campus security and future campus renovations were the main topics at Wednesday's University Council meeting in the Holmes Student Center Sky Room. NIU President John Peters began the meeting by reading letters of support the university had received in...

New look for Faraday Lecture Halls

By Jalen Cobb | September 14, 2010

Faraday Hall went under the knife this summer. The on-campus building received technological renovations in the form of interactive monitors, digital document cameras and other learning tools. This state of-the-art renewal has been in the works for a...

BOT inducts student trustee, discusses modern libraries

By Katie Zak | August 26, 2010

DeKALB | The Board of Trustees held committee meetings Thursday morning. The meeting began with the induction of Robert Sorsby as the BOT’s new student trustee. Sorsby, former Student Association president, officially began his roll as student trustee...