Two sides exist to renting apartments

By Brenden Walz

NIU students deciding to live off-campus might find there are advantages and disadvantages to living away from the main campus.

Living in an apartment can be beneficial to the student moving in. Joyce Williams, manager at Lincolnshire West Apartments, said apartment living offers a chance to rent a space that is larger than a room in one of NIU’s residence halls.

Renting also is a very popular way to find a more independent living situation.

Chad Thomas, leasing manager for Suburban Apartments and Estates said, generally, college students who want to rent are prepared for the change.

“They are ready for a new step in life,” Thomas said.

Some apartments also have special options, like maintenance personnel who are always available.

There is also more freedom to apartment living. The rules for living in a private apartment are not as strict as those for residence halls.

Rick Monas, director of Building and Community Services for DeKalb, said the apartment renter does not have as many responsibilities to handle compared to a homeowner.

“They are not responsible for mowing, painting or maintaining (the apartment grounds),” Monas said.

A person also can design their own living quarters the way they want to, since parents are not around to constantly check up on them.

But there are disadvantages to apartment living as well.

Williams said some people might not like the idea of cooking their own meals.

Another disadvantage to apartment living is choosing roommates. If a potential roommate does not take the time to choose a compatible roommate, life in the apartment could end up a bed of nails instead of a bed of roses.

“They should know their roommates well,” Williams said. She said roommates need to sit down and decide who will be responsible for what, such as who will clean and cook.