Time for unity

First, there was the march on Washington D.C. and then on Jan. 20, 1992, the first March on NIU was held to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Although the size is not comparable, the ideals remain the same. Over 350 people of varying age and race joined together, arm in arm, to rejoice in the achievements we all have made because of the impact of one human being.

As we were marching, it occurred to us that less than 30 years ago our parents would have never seen a group of people so diverse in culture and background all united for the single purpose of liberating humanity from a shared oppression. But as our collective stopped in front of each residence hall, we caught sight of shadows staring down at us from inside their safe havens. It was upsetting to us to witness such a meaningless reaction towards a subject of truly great importance to all people. Perhaps their thoughts did linger on the changes that have been made and what is yet to be accomplished, but sentiment alone does not move mountains. Each of us is equipped with the necessary tools to chip away the mountain that divides us.

It is important to us that this celebration becomes an annual tradition, because the common tie that unites us all is the simple fact that we are all human beings, sharing this small planet. There is no gray area; either the people of this world need to break down the barriers that divide us and make things right, or there will never be unity. The time has come for us to step out of our comfortable existences and sacrifice a portion of our lives to carry out, to completion, the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Jeff Elder



Jeigh Marcus