Young Democrats to discuss campaign

By Rob Heselbarth

After President Bush addresses the country tonight, a local group will gather to watch a videotaped response from a Democratic presidential hopeful.

NIU’s Young Democrats will host a discussion about this year’s presidential race tonight at 7:45 p.m. at the Holmes Student Center’s Illinois Room.

Students and residents of DeKalb are invited to watch Bush’s State of the Union Address. Afterwards, the group will air a videotaped response from Sen. Tom Harkin, a Democratic presidential candidate, followed by a discussion session with Harkin campaign aides.

“We are starting a grassroots campaign for Senator Harkin at NIU,” said Brad Strauss, chairman of the NIU Young Democrats.

“This event will let people know what Harkin stands for and what his vision for America is all about,” said Loomis Mayfield, NIU research associate and Young Democrat.

Speaking at this event will be Hadley Hartje and NIU student Chris Schuck, representatives of the Harkin campaign.

Also speaking will be Richard Schmack, a Democratic candidate for Illinois state’s attorney, and Mark Luden, a Democratic candidate for state representative.

There will also be time allotted for people to question the candidates about their campaigns and the issues they are concerned with.

People attending will receive scorecards to keep track of who they agree with more, Bush or Harkin, Mayfield stated in a press release. The results will be used by Senator Harkin to help him better address the problems Americans are most concerned about, Mayfield stated.

Harkin will be discussing the nation’s problems. The economy, health care issue and the educational system are the topics Harkin will focus on, Mayfield stated.