Respect life

Although I am not an animal rights activist, I feel compelled to respond to Eric Krol’s baseless and asinine comments regarding our “use” of animals. Only a fool, such as yourself, would not be able to see the human benefits of respecting animals on this planet. Maybe you should take a biology class so that you can learn about how ecosystems work and need each other to survive. It seems rather obvious to me that if we began to have respect for all living things, we would begin to respect each other a little bit more.

Eric, you make mention of other issues such as sexism, racism, child abuse, etc. that are more important than animal rights. Sure they are important, but many of the issues involved in animal rights are inherent to racism, sexism, and child abuse (seeing yourself as superior to something else and thus treating it unfairly). Maybe every little step forward in animal rights can bring society closer to solving other “important” problems. What are you doing? I don’t think your articles are doing any benefit to society.

Darwin preached survival of the fittest, not fascism as you interpret it. If the most intelligent animals (humans) deserve a prioritized place at the top, then what do you propose we do with all of the “dumb” humans__eat them and wear them?

I am not preaching that eating meat is wrong. If your morals allow it, then fine. But don’t condemn other people because they can’t kill living things. My feeling is that you should eat something only if you could go kill it yourself.

David Broustis

Unemployed Alumnus