Sycamore Fire brings back holiday ‘Red Wreath Program’


Sycamore Fire Department

A Sycamore fire engine rests part-way out of the garage as one of the holiday wreaths hangs above at a Sycamore fire station. (Courtesy of Sycamore Fire Department)

By Jermel Williams, Sports Reporter

DeKALB – The Sycamore Fire Department will have their annual firehouse tradition of the Red Wreath Program from Nov. 24 – Jan. 3. During this time, both fire stations one and two will display a wreath on the front of their buildings. Station one is located at 555 DeKalb Avenue and station two is located at 2119 Frantum Road. 

The wreaths will be used to encourage Sycamore residents to keep their lights red whenever there is a holiday related fire. There is a bulb inside the wreath that residents can change from white to red if such an event occurs. 

There were no holiday related fires last year, but they want to do this as a reminder that tragedy can strike even during the holidays. 

Some recommendations to stay safe this holiday season include keeping fire hydrants clear and accessible for the fire department’s use and inspecting all of decorations to make sure there are no faulty wires or any way for the decorations to catch fire. Additionally, keep live Christmas trees watered as to not allow them to dry out. If a tree does begin to dry out, limiting the amount of lights that are turned on can prevent additional hazard. Always be aware of the smoke detectors in a household, making sure that all of them are working. A suggestion is to change batteries now if they have not been changed for daylight savings. 

For more information contact the Sycamore Fire Department (815) 895-4514, or visit City of Sycamore Fire Department on Facebook.