Greek officials report slow Rush start

By Terri Sorrentino

Despite getting off to a slow start, greek officials said they were generally satisfied with Rush.

Although official totals are not yet available, greek officials said 218 men are now affiliated with a chapter after the three days of Rush ended last week.

Piet Kes, InterFraternity Council vice president of membership, said despite a slow start due to bad weather, this year’s Rush was better than last spring.

“Tuesday night had a bigger turnout because the weather was nicer than the previous days,” Kes said.

Kevin Kedzior, Sigma Nu Rush chairman, said the attitudes of the members of his chapter were also affected by the weather.

“They were worried about the turnout because of the bad weather,” Kedzior said.

Another factor for the slow start to Rush might have been due to the lack of advertising. Rich Shippy, Phi Sigma Kappa Rush chairman, said the IFC did not do enough advertising to promote men’s Rush this spring.

“IFC rules do not allow the individual frats to advertise in The Star,” Shippy said. “The Star is a major source of information for NIU students and IFC did not run an ad for Rush until it had already begun.”

Advertising could be done on buses and by posting flyers on campus, Shippy said. This was difficult because both University Programming and Activities and the Residence Hall Association must approve any ads that are posted in the residence halls, Shippy added.

In order to participate in Rush, the men must visit one chapter in each of the five regions mapped out by the IFC. NIU freshman Bill Graham said this system does not give the rushees enough time to search out the different places.

“Three days aren’t enough time to get to know where you want to spend the rest of your college days,” Graham said.

The numbers for spring Rush were better this year but still down from the fall.

“There are no incoming freshman in the spring so the numbers are always down from the fall,” Kes said.