Thank you, Andy Stockwell and Sam Sisler, for providing that push I needed to write a letter to The Northern Star. After I read Tom Sullivan’s idiotic letter some time ago, I was going to write one then.

But I figured my letter would be just one of a million telling him what a fool he was, and I was right. Since your letter, however, actually supports his views, I couldn’t help but respond.

Your intelligence is apparent by the mere fact that it took two of you to write one letter. Are you two sharing a brain? You guys are complaining that black people are crying “racism” to Tom Sullivan’s letter.

First of all, in all of the responses to his letter, I don’t recall one person who said he was racist. They merely pointed out that he was ignorant, self-centered, and unbelievably clueless, just like you guys.

Anyway, how can you tell black people when and when not to cry racism when you have never experienced prejudice? You don’t have a clue what it feels like.

Your letter shows your ignorant, white point of view. And no, I am not just another upset member of the black community—in fact, I’m as white as snow.

I’m sorry guys, your letter does not end “all the responses to the responses.” Wake up, the world does not revolve around you.

If you care to open your eyes and take a look at reality, you’ll see that blacks receive inferior housing, education, employment, and pay.

And if you guys could fire up that brain of yours, maybe you could figure out that all of that is a result of racism stemming from the days of slavery. And because of narrow-minded, self-centered people like yourselves, the situation hasn’t changed much.

Luckily, people that think like Tom Sullivan and you guys, here in 1991, are basically ignored. Most people with any intelligence and compassion realize that the needs of the black community have been neglected since they were forcefully brought to this country.

Why is there a need for black history classes and celebrations? If you can get out of your self-centered world, maybe you can figure that out for yourselves.

Gregg Hutchison