Sexual harassment discussion to be held

By Julie Listek

The Clarence Thomas confirmation and Anita Hill accusation has sparked interest in a future debate dealing with the events of the hearings and the topic of sexual harassment.

A panel discussion on sexual harassment on campus with emphasis on the hearing, sponsored by the Black Student Union and the Black Graduate Student Association, will be 8 p.m., Nov. 5, at the Holmes Student Center in Room 506. The discussion is open to the public and free of charge.

Michelle Johnson, secretary for BSU, said the program was initiated because of mixed feelings about the outcome of the hearings.

“This is the most controversial case to lead the discussion,” she said.

Cherie Jaynes, president of BSU agreed. “Many people are for Anita Hill and many people are for Clarence Thomas,” she said. “This should be a heated debate.”

Because of a difference of opinions on the Thomas hearings, those who attend the discussion will be segregated by those who support Hill and those who support Thomas.

Van Amos, program coordinator of the Center for Black Studies, said he feels this issue is still controversial as far as who was right or wrong.

Johnson and Jaynes agreed. There is still a question as to who was lying or not and there is too much uncertainty, Johnson said.

“Initially, people were not for him (Thomas), blacks or whites, because they were unsure (of the sexual harassment case) and they thought he was not a qualified candidate,” she said.

Jaynes also said she feels people are confused about who is lying. “People don’t know about Thomas himself and his qualifications,” she said.

“I know it (sexual harassment) happens … I know it happens to students and maybe faculty and staff,” Jaynes said.

“Through this we hope to discuss the issue of sexual harassment, the different degrees of it and what constitutes for sexual harassment or what does not,” Jaynes said. “The panel discussion will tell you (victims of sexual harassment) what to do and where to go for help.”