Speech to focus on South Africa

By Tricia Roegner

The future of South Africa will be discussed in a speech given by Randall Robinson on Wednesday, Nov. 20 in the Carl Sandburg Auditorium at 7:30 p.m.

obinson has become nationally known as the executive director of TransAfrica for the last 12 years. TransAfrica is a non-profit group concerned with human and political rights of people of color throughout the world.

His speech, entitled “An Update on Conditions of Apartheid in South Africa,” will focus on the violence taking place in South Africa and also the effects of the changes made by the white government in the country.

Don-Terry Veal, president of the Black Graduate Student Association, who is sponsoring Robinson’s visit, said he feels Robinson’s speech could give many students “more insight into the accuracy of the issues involved in the sanctions of South Africa.”

“The issue of Apartheid (in South Africa) is a very timely issue considering the decision made by the Bush administration to left sanctions within the last few months,” Veal said.

“Robinson will give the most accurate update of what is really happening (in South Africa), and it is important for students to get that type of insight into the policies or issues,” he said.

is visit also is being sponsored by the NIU Center for Black Studies, in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the center’s establishment.

Van Amos, programming coordinator for student cultural programming at the center, said all students should look at Robinson as a role model.

“(Robinson) presents to all students an excellent role model who merges education and research into action which is beneficial to our ever-growing global village,” Amos said.