Sorority hosts program

By Julie Listek

An NIU service sorority is providing meals to needy children in other countries through various projects in honor of “National Founders Week.”

Sigma Gamma Rho sorority, which was founded Nov. 12, 1922, hosted an Adopt-A-Child program Wednesday through the Christian Children’s Fund.

The Adopt-A-Child program will continue to take place from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. one Wednesday of every month at Dusable Hall’s lobby.

The Adopt-A-Child program allows people to sponsor a needy child from another country.

For every 7 cents donated to the program, a meal for the “adopted” child can be bought.

Sigma Gamma Rho members have adopted an African female from Zambia and an Indian male through the Adopt-A-Child program.

The sorority members will continue to accept donations to benefit the children.

The donations will go toward providing needed food and clothing for the children.

“We hope to raise $50 per month because we not only want to buy them food, we want to (make sure they receive it),” said Sigma Gamma Rho member Kimberlee Boyd.

Boyd said she feels the sorority does not get enough recognition for their services and that they would like to become more recognized at NIU through these projects.

Sorority member Angela Rich agreed. “We only get recognized for parties and fights,” she said.

“We would like to become recognized for more positive things.”

The sorority is also taking part in Africare, sponsored by Project Africa.

Africare focuses on helping Africans in financial and technical assistance through a budget of several thousand to several million dollars.

Friday there will be a candy and bake sale to help raise money for these organizations.

Following the fund raiser, there will be a party with raffle prizes given away every hour from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. at the Holmes Student Center.

“Our motto is ‘greatest service, greater progress’ and that is why we support these service projects,” said Vice President Tonia Havard.