NIU Black Choir to hold concert

By Sheryl Cajka

Voices will be heard as the Northern Black Choir presents its fall concert Sunday.

Funded by the SA, the choir is a student-run, non-religious organization consisting of 115 members, said choir member Ossie Lock.

NIU student Kenny Lennin began the choir in 1968 to encourage minorities, said director Malcolm Williams.

Although the choir was the only black organization at the time, all students in good academic standing can join, he said.

Although it is not a religious organization, Williams said, the choir sings all types of gospel music.

“It’s really inspirational,” he said. “I get such a spiritual uplifting.”

In addition to singing at different churches, they attend a spring workshop every February, Lock said.

For three days, the choir meets with other colleges, she said.

Each one sings separately and, after rehearsing all day, everyone gets together for a full concert, she said.

President Paula Thomas said anyone can try out to see where they would fit into the choir.

“Everyone adds something special,” she said. “We have our problems, but they’re always resolved because we’re just a tight family.”

The fall concert will be at 3 p.m. in the Duke Ellington Ballroom. All students are welcome to attend.