Facility to be discussed

By Jean Dobrzynski

NIU administrators are holding an open forum in a last attempt to inform students about the proposed Student Life Building.

Vice President of Finance and Planning Eddie Williams and Vice President for Student Affairs Barbara Henley will discuss the building proposal and answer questions from students on Tuesday at 8 p.m. in DuSable Hall, Room 202D.

Student Regent James Mertes said he organized the meeting because this probably will be the last time students can hear about the building from the administrators before Williams attends the Board of Regents meeting in December.

Mertes said Williams will ask the Regents for the go-ahead to hire an architect to draw up the plans and to have a financial profile that will assess the cost of the building.

“I organized the meeting because it is my responsibility to inform the student body,” he said. “Students have a lot of questions and they need more information before they make an informed decision.”

Some questions were left unanswered at last Sunday’s Student Association Senate meeting, where Williams and Henley introduced preliminary plans to the SA.

Williams estimated the new 48,000 square-foot facility would cost between $6.5 and $7 million, and could be implemented through a $35 to $45 student fee hike.