College Republicans might sponsor campaign

By Brenden Walz

Members of NIU’s College Republicans are considering sponsoring a campaign for the DeKalb County Board.

The group’s officers will know what is in the wind later this month, when they attend the Nov. 20 meeting of the DeKalb County Board.

The current officers of the College Republicans include Kevin Hir, president; Jeannie Guillem, vice president; and Lance Schort, advertising.

There are 24 seats on the DeKalb County Board. Six seats are allocated to representatives of the three student districts on DeKalb’s west side, said Tim Bagby, a graduate student and member. Bagby served two two-year terms on the county board.

Four republicans currently hold six of the seats allocated to students.

Bagby said during any given election, half of the student seats in the three student districts may be open to potential members or new candidates.

Candidates who want to run for the county board must circulate petitions and file them at the DeKalb County Clerk’s office in Sycamore from Dec. 9 to 16.

The primary election will be held March 17, 1992. For this election, members of the various parties choose their slate of candidates to represent them in the general election.

The 1992 general election is held the same time as the primary. After the final votes are counted, the two winners in each district participate in a drawing where one is assigned a two-year term and the other a four-year term.

While the College Republicans have ties to the national committee of the Republican party and receive guidance from the DeKalb County Republican party, the group’s officers said they receive no financial support.

The officers said plans for this year included a possible voter registration effort at the beginning of the spring semester, attending the Illinois State Republican convention in June and recruitment efforts aimed at students, faculty and administration.