Students to clean West Lagoon next week

By Jayna Ronayne

If the West Lagoon seems cleaner next week, students might want to thank the NIU College of Professional Studies.

In an effort to clean up the campus and promote a cleaner environment, the different departments within the college are uniting for a cleanup day on Sunday, Nov. 10. The event is sponsored by the College of Professional Studies student advisory committee.

“It was the student’s idea of a way to promote unity within the departments and the schools in the college,” said Sandi Kuchynka, faculty coordinator for the student advisory committee.

The cleanup will also hopefully advocate volunteerism, a theme which has been stressed at NIU this year, Kuchynka said. “It’s a step in the right direction … and will help the community and bring students together.”

“I’m sure it will be productive and beneficial for whoever shows up,” she said.

“We hope to work together as a whole to clean up the lagoon,” said Kristy Healey, chair of the student advisory committee for the College of Professional Studies.

“We also hope that our effort will encourage people in our own and other colleges to try and do something for the campus,” she said.

The group hopes for a big turnout, and that it will become a yearly occurance.

“We hope a lot of people get involved no matter what kind of weather,” said Heidi Schultz, student advisory committee member.

Schultz also said she hopes they can make an example with the cleanup.

“I hope now that others see that we’re stepping out and trying to do something for the campus, and that there will be a unified effort by all the colleges,” she said.

The group has also invited the College of Professional Studies’ faculty, staff and dean to help out.

“It is just as important for them to set an example as it is for us,” Healey said.

“Cleaning up the campus is not just the students’ responsibility.”It’s everyone’s.”