Holiday vandalism begins early

By Stewart Warren

Halloween pranks began early in DeKalb with several incidents of minor holiday vandalism happening before Oct. 31.

Although DeKalb Police Lt. Chuck Kross said the city does not have a major problem with Halloween vandalism, someone stole a straw farmer, farm woman and gorilla Wednesday that were part of a Halloween display at the Golden Years Plaza, 507 E. Taylor St., DeKalb Police said.

Another bolder vandal walked into an apartment in the 1100 block of Varsity Boulevard sometime between Monday and Tuesday and stole the eyes out of a carved pumpkin on display, police said. Nothing else was disturbed, and there was no sign of forced entry, police said.

The resident told police that she planned to change her locks, police said. However, police reports did not indicate what kind of eyes were in the pumpkin, Kross said.

Although the incident might seem minor, “people get upset when vandals walk off with their pumpkins,” Kross said.

Someone splashed paint behind Sharon’s Hallmark, 263 E. Lincoln Hwy., and drew a bird-like symbol, Kross said. The vandals also drew a circle enclosing an upside-down letter “A.”

The damage totaled $25 and Kross said it looked like a young prankster had painted the graffiti. Kross also said the signs did not seem to be gang-related and that they did not look like satanic symbols.

Other DeKalb residents reported smashed pumpkins to police, police reports stated.

Although Kross said the police expect some incidents of minor vandalism every Halloween, most problems are with people who drink too much alcohol while celebrating the holiday.

“We do have problems with party-goers who overindulge,” he said.