Magic rises to greater heroics

As tragic as Magic Johnson’s plight is, his announcement Thursday that he contracted the AIDS virus is a good step for AIDS awareness.

Before Johnson “came out,” most people assumed AIDS was a disease homosexuals got and passed around. It was a disease spread by intravenous drug users. Now it’s a disease that even the best professional basketball players can get.

His tragedy is just the shot in the arm the AIDS awareness movement needed. Now, with a spokesman like Magic Johnson on its side, AIDS can become something everyone can understand—even children.

When young Ryan White died, the AIDS world lost its most recognizable spokesman. Now, Magic Johnson is its champion.

Johnson is to be commended for his actions. It’s not easy to admit in the face of millions that you’ve contracted a feared disease. Yet he did, and the nation is proud. It used to be AIDS was a shameful disease, but Magic successfully has erased this.

Obviously, Johnson never asked for this. Who would? But at least he’s trying to turn his own tragedy into something positive by helping a nation understand.

Pity Magic Johnson but be proud of him, too. His actions will turn the tide—something our misunderstanding nation needs.