ISU president to keep present position

By Eric Krol

Illinois State University President Thomas Wallace will be staying put, at least for the time being.

Wallace announced that he withdrew his name from consideration for the president’s position of the University of Central Florida, according to the ISU office of public information.

Wallace had been nominated by two former associates but last week took his name off the list of 12 semifinalists, a day before the list was to be cut in half.

Wallace was unavailable for comment. However, he told The Daily Vidette, the ISU student newspaper, he was “simply looking at a professional alternative, something that happens periodically when you work in professional positions.”

The press release stated he visited the UCF’s Orlando campus on Oct. 25 for an interview.

Wallace said he did not dislike the UCF campus, but merely chose to stay at ISU.

Wallace told the Vidette his decision was partly influenced by his family, calling his current ISU position “very attractive.”

Wallace said when he visited the campus it was the first time he had been in contact with the UCF people about the position.

The move was similar to a situation involving NIU President John La Tourette this spring.

Before withdrawing his name, La Tourette was one of five finalists for the president’s spot at Fresno State University last semester.

Despite a salary increase, La Tourette said he chose to remain at NIU because the university is involved in many new projects and is in a period of growth despite stringent state funding.

La Toure